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Re: Problem with gcc -mno-cygwin?

Christopher Faylor wrote:

Do you possibly have two versions of the mingw libgcc.a somehow?  I haven't
verified this on my system, since I am knee deep in something else right
now but nm on /lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-mingw32/3.3.1/libgcc.a tells me:

  00000000 b .bss
  00000000 d .data
  00000000 t .text
	   U _AddAtomA@4
	   U _FindAtomA@4
	   U _GetAtomNameA@12
  00000040 t ___w32_eh_shared_initialize
  00000010 C ___w32_sharedptr
  00000020 t ___w32_sharedptr_default_unexpected
  000002a0 t ___w32_sharedptr_get
  000000c0 T ___w32_sharedptr_initialize
  000001f0 t ___w32_sharedptr_set
  00000010 C ___w32_sharedptr_terminate
  00000010 C ___w32_sharedptr_unexpected
	   U _abort
  00000000 b _dw2_object_mutex.0
  00000000 d _dw2_once.1
	   U _free
	   U _malloc
  00000010 b _sjl_fc_key.2
  00000008 d _sjl_once.3
  00000000 t _w32_atom_suffix

For some reason you have a libgcc.a in your /usr/lib/mingw.  I don't
Maybe that's the problem.

Yep, that's the problem. It appears that some of my early experiments building a true cygwin-mingw cross compiler are coming back to haunt me. Also, my /usr/lib/mingw and /usr/include/mingw directories are actual directories, not symlinks to /usr/i686-pc-mingw32/[lib|include] as it seems they should be.

I'll rm my existing /usr/lib/mingw and /usr/include/mingw dirs and reinstall the mingw stuff, and try again, but not this instant. Thanks for your help in tracking this down.


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