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annoying dos windows when running some exe's under xemacs compiled for cygwin

I am using the cygwin version of xemacs version 21.4.11 under Windows
XP.  My cygcheck output is attached.

The problem is that under certain circumstances (to be described
shortly) invoking an .exe file causes a DOS window to pop up while the
program runs.  In some cases the input/output is directed to the dos
prompt, making certain inferior modes malfunction.

The problem seems to arise when running certain MS-DOS Executable (EXE)
files from within xemacs.  The problem does not occur when the file type
is "MS Windows PE Intel 80386 console executable", which is the typical
format for binaries in the cygwin distribution.  The problem does not
occur for all MS-DOS executables, just some.  I am unable to determine
the precise common denominator.

Two cases in point.  First, when running texify.exe from the miktex
distribution (which is an MS-DOS Executable) within xemacs, each
invocation of latex and bibtex spawned by texify causes the blank MS-DOS
window to pop up, but the program runs correctly.  Second, when running
smlnj as an inferior process, the MS-DOS window pops up and also derails
the input and output to that window, rendering the inferior mode
useless.  The command to invoke SML is in fact a shell script that
itself executes an MS-DOS executable.

I suspect this may be a PTY-related problem, but I am not certain.

I could not find any mention of this problem in the FAQ or archives.
Please reply to me directly if you know how to fix or work around this
serious problem.

Thank you.
Robert Harper

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