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Re: Bash wait indefinitely

Nicholas Wourms wrote: wrote:

I'm running in concurrences 5 complex bash batch, and sometimes (2 times on
3) one or more (very rarely) batch stop to do something. I've put a lot of
trace to see where is the problem, but seems rarely arrived at the same line
of code.

I've also tried to use strace tool, but strace hang rapidly.

For the last few weeks I've been experiencing the same, and the offenders always seem to be either bash (not ash) or make. It is important to note that I track cygwin's CVS head, so I had chalked it up to the on-going signal work. I've found that running deep `make`s or running the autotools in succession (such as in the case of triggering the AM_MAINTAINER_MODE routines) often triggers this problem for me on my Dual Athlon MP 2400+ Win2K box :-(. I've been extremely busy working on other things, I just grumble, kill the deadlocked process and its children, then restart the parent. Attempting to debug gdb/strace, as you've discovered, is quite fruitless.


Do you guys have things like command substitution in your scripts ? I talked about a similar problem in a previous mail (but got no answer), it certainly involves some kind of race condition with forks and pipes. Going back to a previous version of cygwin (1.3.something) fixes that particular problem, but exposes a lot of other pthread races. For my part I've been able to attach gdb to the dead processes, but apart from dumping the stack(s) traces, I couldn't tell much.


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