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readdir? problems in Postgres under Cygwin (leading to panic rename error)

We've been experiencing a problem with Postgres on Cygwin.
The problem has not been reported by Unix/Linux
But I just received a confirmation that we are not alone and other
pg-on-cygwin folks having the same problem too.

Basically, the ending result of the problem is the panic transaction log
rename failure possibly because the file to be renamed is missing.

Here is the part of the discussion thread with Tom Lane with more details
about the problem.

So, the problem is not in rename() function itself but in the fact that the
file is missing.
According to Tom, this is either due to readdir() issue (possibly returning
files previously deleted) or the LWLock code is not working properly under
Cygwin (which is quite unlikely because nothing else in PG would work
basically). So, the most likely reason is in readdir() function that
according to Tom "misbehaves if there are concurrent insert,
rename or delete operations carried out in the same directory"

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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