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RE: where is cygintl-1.dll?

I just now had the same problem that David T-G reported long ago.
My diagnosis: 
 Somehow Harold had installed "libintl1",
 but David hadn't, cause he'd used the Default settings.

The symptom:
cygintl-1.dll was missing when cygwin installed from a local directory.
(in the last step, "PostInstallLast", 
a popup "dll missing" appeared several times).
As an effect, cygwin just didn't work properly (e.g. didn't find most programs).

What did I do (wrong)?
a) download to local directory (default) from
b) install from local directory (default)

As this is called "default", there can't be much wrong with it, can it?

Your email messages actually helped me to single out the problem:
  libintl2 IS actually downloaded & installed properly, 
  but libintl1 is NOT. And that's the problem.

I manually added  libintl1,
and manually "reinstalled" the "PostInstallLast" scripts.
Didn't work. pffff.

Then I totally erased every hint to cygwin from my disk
(the directory, and manually all registry entries)
 - WHY DON'T you have a normal Windows "total uninstall" feature?

... and started from scratch again.
But this time with the (manually added) libintl1
- and everything went fine.

So my suggestion:
 Please repair the "default" settings to also include that  
 cygintl-1.dll  /  libintl1

thanks a lot!


P.S.: I am not on the list, please include my eMail-adress in replies.

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