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Re: Problem VnC + SSh + Putty + Port Forwarding

At 10:45 AM 12/1/2003, djpeg\@libero\.it you wrote:
>I make an SSH Tunnel (from Win2k to Win2k) with:
>- a port forwarding on my ZYXEL 201 ISDN router
>- install of openssh server on my Win PC in in the lan of ISDN ROUTER (where i'll install my VNCserver)
>- configuration of putty (with ssh2 and a  tunnel from 5900 to my 5905 port) on the host where i'll install my VNCviewer
>All my configurations work well, and i make an SSH tunnel for view a PC in the Lan of my ISDN ROUTER. The system work well 1 or 2 times, but yesterday i had a problem.
>I make an SSH-login on my machine, and the tunnel is up.
>But when i'm connecting with my VNCviewer (localhost:5)
>UltraVNC tell me: 
>Connection failed - Error reading Protocol Version
>Possible causes:
>- You've forgotten to select DSMPlugin and the Server uses a DSMPlugin  // I'm not using plugin
>- Viewer and Server are not compatible // impossible!! they run well without the ssh tunneling
>- Bad connection // what?? why?
>Thank you in advance for all help!!

 From the little information you've provided, what you're doing sounds fine.
Like you, I know this works.  I use Cygwin's ssh/sshd and it's port-
forwarding with VNC (Tight and "normal") all the time and it works fine
(I'm using it now to type this on my machine at home while I'm at work).
I don't use putty though.  However, the cause of your problem is not obvious. 
You'll need to debug it further.  Sorry.

>P.S. Sorry for my english, I'm italian 

Your English is fine.  It's certainly better than my Italian! :-)

Larry Hall                    
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Holliston, MA 01746                     

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