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Re: Algum brasileiro usa Cygwin ?

On Fri, 28 Feb 2003, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

> FWIW, I was able to reproduce your problem on the bash shell
> in a command window (on Win2k).
> What's interesting, though, is that if the output were pasted
> to a regular Command prompt window, it pastes the accented
> characters sans the accents.

True. I also reported it.

> When pasting into any Cygwin app run from that prompt,
> however, the accented characters disappear altogether.  This
> may have something to do with the way fhandler_console
> processes input, but I don't know enough about that code to
> even start looking.

And I know nothing, really.

> One more interesting (though probably unrelated) thing is
> that the Win2k Command window (with QuickEdit off) allows one
> to press the right mouse button to get a context menu
> (basically the "Edit" submenu of the main window menu).

> However, when any Cygwin app is run (say, "cat"), the right
> button stops working (though it does work as "paste" in
> QuickEdit mode). As I said, this is probably unrelated, but
> might provide a clue, so I thought it was worth mentioning.

The same here on XP Professional.

> P.S. BTW, no offense, I'm just wondering, why a Portuguese
> subject line on a mostly English-speaking list?

Sorry, to get some attention from brazilian users.

BTW, are you able to reproduce the screen problem I reported at ?

I'm giving up. I really don't see the advantages of using the
default terminal. Maybe only "Full Screen" ?

Another problem is with the colors. Compare an application
running in "Full Screen" and "Window". The text is much darker
with the latter, making it unreadable with certain

0 at pervalidus dot {tk,}

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