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Re: cygwin rsync bug with windows shares

Sheridan, David wrote:
> I'm using the cygwin version of rsync (2.5.5) and think I've found a
> bug which is harmless under unix but fatal to cygwin. The bug is also
> in the latest source version I could find (2.5.6).
> If I'm trying to take a file from (windows-style)
> \\share\directory\filename I would specify something like
> rsync //share/directory/filename destination
> However, there is special handling in rsync to stop // at the
> beginning of a filename, presumably to cope with unix systems which
> can't understand the convention. Specifically, in syscall.c, about
> line 93, in the do_open() function, the first / is skipped over in
> this case.
> The result of this as I have seen it is that rsync will correctly
> identify all files in a directory that need to be copied, but
> complains that none of them exist (since do_open() is only relevant
> to the remote-syncing function, not directory listing). I can
> overcome it by saying something like
> rsync ///share/directory/filename destination
> but that seems a bit silly.
> My solution would be to include a cygwin-specific patch for this line,
> rather than asking the rsync project to patch their code, but cygwin
> developers may disagree.

The rsync maintainers are quite considerate about this kind of thing. I
think they would probably accept this kind of fix into the upstream sources.


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