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Re: Setup "Download from Internet" Question

David Starks-Browning wrote:
> On Thursday 27 Feb 03, BB writes:
>> As a followup question, In order to create a CD to install from,
>> would it be better to simply ftp the files from one of the mirror
>> sites.
> Yes.

Partially. A plain FTP mirror will get you current and previous versions of
every package, and all that won't fit on a CD. Use to parse setup.ini and build a list
of current package files to download.

>>  What would the
>> correct directory structure have to be for setup to install from the
>> d:\cygwin-setup as a local source assuming d: was a cd?  Would this
>> be enough?
>> d:\setup.exe
>> d:\cygwin-setup\setup.ini
>> d:\cygwin-setup\release\...
> Yes, if what you mean to convey is that you follow the full
> sub-directory structure under release.
> The tricky part is providing setup.exe with the right "download path"
> to get setup to pull things from the CD.  Unless someone chimes in
> with the right answer,  you might have to experiment a bit.

Just put setup.exe in the same dir as setup.ini and release/

Don't put those 3 in the root of the CD, though, I think someone had
problems with that.


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