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Re: pdksh installation

"Paul Coltrin" <pablo at projtech dot com> wrote in message
news:3 dot 0 dot 6 dot 32 dot 20030227100657 dot 00a86840 at phoenix dot projtech dot com dot  dot  dot 
> I am also looking forward to the release of a built-in ksh for
> Cygwin.
> And, I can see that you wouldn't want to bug the maintainer with
> frivilous questions that would delay what you are looking for.
> However, I don't see a problem with making and playing in your
> own mud-puddle.  Here is what I have figured out so far:
> You will need the bzip package installed so that you can run bunzip2
> from the command line.
> I believe that (others please jump in to correct if I am wrong) that
> the Cyg Installer unpacks the package to the cygwin root directory
> and then runs /etc/postinstall/<package_name>.sh.
> What I did was unpack the bzip file to a scratch dir and then read
> the <pkg>.sh to figure what post processing I had to do for my particular
> mud puddle.
> If all of the above is Greek to you, then it probably would be best
> to wait for the official release.
> Paul Coltrin


I copied the bz2's and setup.hint to a separate directory, copied setup.exe
into that directory and ran it.  The only dependency I saw in the setup.hint
was Cygwin itself and I already had that installed.  I selected install from
local directory and pointed it to the directory containing the bz2.  It
seemed to work and I ended up with a /etc/postinstall/ file.

The reason I asked the question was that I notice the /etc/profile.ksh did
not get installed.  The file /usr/doc/Cygwin/pdksh-5.2.14.README listed it
as a file included in the package. I just wanted to find out if there was a
standard way to install from the bz2 with setup.exe.

I can see how easily a discussion about using a pre-release version could
start up.  I would agree that is doesnt belong in this list.  But, I don't
see how it hurts the effort to get the package out as long as the package
maintainer has the ability to ignore the thread.  They might even find some
useful information from in the post of a newbie mud-baby.   Maybe there
should be an additional list for topics directly realated to Cygwin, it's
packages, pre-release questions, etc.  Anything that a mailing list purist
would consider 'off topic'.  Maybe it could be called the "mud-hole"

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