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Re: mem allocation / heap_chunk


It would seem that the answer is right there on the page you referenced. You can script a change to that registry entry via the Cygwin regtool script. You can do this in an install or post-install script or upon each invocation of your application, providing it's invoked via a script.

The man page for regtool includes sufficient detail to enable you to incorporate this sort of functionality in your software.

I recommend that you consider carefully the logic you use to alter the "heap_chunk_in_mb" key so that you don't undermine an existing customization already applied by your end user.

Randall Schulz

At 08:18 2003-02-27, Fabrice Marchal wrote:
I have come accross the 384 Mb limit for allocating memory in cygwin.
(e.g.  char* pnt = new char[ long size = 500*1024*1024 ]; will not work )

I have been able to modify this using the workaround documented in the
Users Guide (

I would like to know if there is a way to do the same within code so that end-users
who receive a cygwin-compiled code do not require to go into the hassle of
using regtool or regedit

Is that feasible?


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