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RE: Seg fault in home-built mutt

>> Ok. I don't get it. I've taken that, removed --with-regex and
>> added --enable-external-dotlock and I'm still getting
>> differences from the std package, specifically I get:
>> First line looks okay, and the second we can expect. But how am
>> I getting the others? Is it because functionality within Cygwin
>> and/or libraries have changed since you built yours, do you
>> think?
>That's what I'd suspect, especially on the "GET_SID", I know there've been a lot
>of machinations going on with the stuff that ends in "ID".

I don't even know who Sid is.

>...yep, I get the same differences.  I'll have to investigate what not using the
>build-in GNU regex is going to do, but I'd hope the rest of the differences are
>all positive.

Probably. Possibly. I hope so :)

But what I was trying to do is find out why the official pkg
does not seg fault on the mail that is causing the problem
and my homebuilt one does. To narrow things down I was hoping
to build something that was exactly the same config as the
official one, then change the build options until the problem
happens. Maybe it is because of the SID stuff, or Regex, or
maybe its the dotlock, but at the moment I can't point to any
one thing and say "that's the feature that's causing it".

Another possibility is this DEBUG option that can be built
in. I will ask on the Mutt list exactly what that is and how
I can use it.

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