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"tee" is coredumping


I've got the latest cygwin 1.3.20-1, cygutils 1.1.3-1.
The "tee" command is core dumping on me, but
only with a particular set of circumstances.  I use
it as follows:

    make -f client.mak 2>&1 | tee client.out

I realize this is not telling you a whole lot because
it depends on what all happens in client.mak.  I don't
get a core dump if I just do "ls 2>&1 | tee client.out".
Here is the short contents of client.mak:

     CC = gfilt

     $(warning Hostname is $(HOSTNAME))
     ifeq ($(HOSTNAME),fmalap)
        $(warning Disabling Matlab engine code.)
        NOML = -DNOML
        LIBS =
        NOML =
             LIBS = -L /opt/matlab13/extern/lib/sol2 -leng -lmx

     client: client.cpp client.hpp client.mak
             $(CC) $(NOML) -O -o client \
             -I/opt/matlab13/extern/include \
             client.cpp \

The key in this file that seems to cause the crash is
using CC=gfilt instead of g++.  "gfilt" is a perl script
(or rather, a shell script that invokes perl) to decrypt
the very confusing messages from the C++ standard

I realize it's not realistic to ask "What's wrong", but
perhaps a few strategies to isolate the problem?  I
am no perl guy (I've used twice, like an overpowered
sed script).  The perl version is 5.6.1-2, with gnu license.
But perl is probably not the problem, since it's tee that's

Thanks in advance.


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