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Re: Duplicate CygWin

Hi there,

I may be missing something, but from you're original email
it looks to me like you don't need another cygwin1.dll at all!

I think all you need is a script with a few calls to umount and
mount to fix your file mount points and a call to chroot to change
the file system root, plus some changes to the PATH environment

Try "man chroot", "man umount" and "man mount" to see how these
commands work. Then write a little shell script wrapper to run
your application after changing the mount points, file system
root, and environment appropriately.

I hope this suggestion helps.

/John Vincent.

(snipped from original posting)
Noting:- It's not a cut down version of CygWin*.DLL I need,
but a cut down version of the file system, to just a couple
of dozen files in /bin, /tmp, /usr and /etc, forming a 'mini'
UNIX for a specific application.

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