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Re: CGI Problem - only part of file written to HTML page

John McAllister wrote:

I have a problem with my CGI program in the Cygwin environment. I am using C
as the cgi-programming language. I am developing an application on a UNIX
platform, and I use Apache as the server. My cgi works fine in the UNIX
environment at work, but I wanted to be able to work on it at home. So I
turned to cgywin.

I have downloaded apache to my local computer, so that my PC becomes the
client and server. I have configured apache correctly, and can see some of
my webpages. The problem is that all my javascript and HTML is not being
written out properly. My C program reads in an (already written) javascript
textfile into a file. This file is then printed out along with the HTML
headers and body etc. On the LAN at work, using UNIX, everything works

I merely copied all of the necessary files to cygwin. From cygwin, the HTML
headers are printed out, and about half of the javascript text file is
written out - but then the output has suddenly stopped. I am fairly new to
cygwin and cgi-programming, but I believe this to be a cygwin problem -
because my application works fine in its native environment.

Suggestions please!

Could be a text/binary mode issue.  Check the Cygwin documentation (FAQ/
User's Guide) and email archives for plenty of discussion about this.

If that's not it and you're still stuck, see <>.

Larry Hall                    
RFK Partners, Inc.            
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Holliston, MA 01746                     (508) 893-9889 - FAX

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