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Re: Help with exim! Outlook doing SMTP through a local exim sometimeshangs...

Chuck Ocheret wrote:

So I have exim working fantastically with various user agents. However, I'm having an intermittent problem with Outlook where it hangs while trying to send mail out through exim. I don't want to go off-topic by talking about Outlook but I figure that enough people must use exim out there that someone may have seen this before.

In Outlook I set up 'localhost' as an outgoing SMTP server. I turn on secure password authentication and provide my username and password (I found that if I didn't do authentication Outlook would timeout trying to speak to exim). Sometimes outgoing mail works great. Other times it times out (especially if there is more than one message waiting to be sent).

Oh, and after one of these hangs, I get the following message in the exim_main.log file.

2003-02-17 21:48:23 unexpected disconnection while reading SMTP command from (turbo) []

Any help would be appreciated. I'm not an exim/sendmail guru and am not sure how to debug the situation.
You might try turning off "secure" authentication. You might try asking over at

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