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ftp access to download from

Christopher Faylor wrote ...
> I tried an experiment recently where I turned on ftp access to the
> cygwin download directory on  The result seemed
> to be that people started downloading cygwin's package .tar.bz2 files
> directly and (somehow) used tar to extract files rather than running
> setup.exe.

I think it may be possible that is among the more 
popular and closely monitored download archives for software in general.
Perhaps it is not people downloading files, but automation seeing
something new or different in the archives triggering accesses.

This theory could be tested, by turning on access, and once the initial
rash of downloads has taken place, to touch a few selected packages and
see if just the touched packages are downloaded again from sites that
had downloaded previously.  Although it is possible that such specific
downloads (if they occur) are people, it is far more likely to be


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