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Re: kudos!

I would like to add here the fact that a large portion of the user base
of Cygwin is in fact Microsoft users.

One of the problems with the Microsoft user base is that there is a
disproportionate amount of "know it all" type people, the type of people
that will blame everything under the moon for their problems but never
actually look at their own assumptions and quite often, not even read
the related documentation before complaining.

Just wanted to let every body know that in my humble option Cygwin
offers a REAL service to the world community and that for every loud
mouth complainer out their, there is a thousand more people, like me,
that quietly using Cygwin without screaming how good it is all the time.

All this to say that the complains to compliments ratio perceived on
this list is not at all representative of the real world.

For what its worth, I offer my thanks to the cygwin community for I use
cygwin to great benefit all the time. again thank you all.

I n t e r K n o w l e d g e
Gerald Villemure
I am a DO-er, not a TRY-er.                  email:

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