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Re: Get it sorted! (was Re: Group name getting set to 'mkpasswd')

On Sat, 15 Feb 2003, Elfyn McBratney wrote:

> > On Sat, Feb 15, 2003 at 04:33:47AM -0000, Elfyn McBratney wrote:
> > > Also this was in the strace output that Peter sent in, I withheld this bit,
> > > as I didn't quite know whether this was intended (from mkpasswd's side)
> > >
> > >    65   19353 [main] mkpasswd 1148 pwdgrp::read_group: Completing /etc/group:mkpasswd:S-1-5-21-1045767534-453787399-1741382010-513:401:canning
> > >
> > > Just wondered what to reply with. Is it a simple matter of running mkgroup?
> > > or mkpasswd?
> >
> > Yup.  The group name says it all.
> One for the archives: If anyone finds their group name or username set to
> "run" or "mkpasswd" or "mkgroup"...You need to do exactly that, run mkpasswd
> or mkgroup to update /etc/passwd or /etc/group respectively. There's some
> new detection code to let you know when your /etc/{group,passwd} file is
> stale.
> So Peter Canning, you will need to run mkpasswd. And to Christophe Thiebot,
> you will need to run mkgroup.
> I've CCd in case your not on the list ;-)

FYI (and for the archives), this is described in
<>.  Perhaps
we should also have an FAQ?  Something like

* Why are my files unreadable?

First, check the permissions on the files.  If they are owned by you, make
sure they are readable by you.  If they are not owned by you, check the
owner and group of each file.  If the group is set to "mkpasswd", your
/etc/passwd and /etc/group files are out of date.  If you previously had
'ntsec' turned off, this is probably the case.

Second, check the mount table.  If Cygwin was installed for "Just me", the
standard mounts will not be visible to other users (for example, SYSTEM,
which is the user services run as).  If your standard mounts are marked
'user' in the output of "mount", re-mounting them as 'system' should help.
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