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bash broken with cygwin 1.3.20?


A few days ago I updated to 1.3.20. Everything was fine till now...
(All cygwin packages are up to date)

I tried to recompile gcc (the one from FSF). I am having problems with
running configure...

I am on local drive. Imagine /cygdrive/c/temp.
Image the gcc sources to be in the subfolder gcc-3.2.1
As suggested by the buildmanual of gcc
I do

mkdir gcc-3.2.1_obj
cd gcc-3.2.1_obj
../gcc-3.2.1/configure <whatever options>
It fails with
*** "Can't find Try using --srcdir=some_dir"
When trying it with --srcdir=../gcc-3.2.1 it gets a bit further and then complains
to be not able to find configuration package of gcc in

When specifying --srcdir=/cygdrive/c/temp/gcc-3.2.1
I get the same error with a different location

When switching back to 1.3.19 (just that module/package nothing else)
everything is fine again and works as expected (I donot even need to
use --srcdir)


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