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Re: GNU Screen


I've been able to compile screen-3.9.13 before with the attached patch.
I didn't test the resulting binary too much, though.  Just compiled the
whole thing again today (with gcc 3.2) by untarring the source tarball,

$ patch -p0 < screen-3.9.13-cygwin.patch
$ autoconf
$ configure
$ make

Hope this helps,

On Fri, 7 Feb 2003 wrote:

> Hello, Brian and list,
> I am running screen 3.9.8. It seems that I was able to compile it under
> a previous version of Cygwin, but alas since 1.3.12 not anymore. I am
> still using this previously compiled binary.
> FWIW, I just tried to compile screen and I get the following error in the
> screen sources :
> gcc -c -I. -I.    -O utmp.c
> utmp.c: In function `pututslot':
> utmp.c:588: void value not ignored as it ought to be
> utmp.c: In function `makedead':
> utmp.c:597: structure has no member named `ut_exit'
> utmp.c:598: structure has no member named `ut_exit'
> make: *** [utmp.o] Fout 1
> The version that I use works well, but problems with detaching and
> attaching probably have more to do with the braindead Windows
> consoles than with screen itself. What also did change in this respect,
> is its behaviour.
> When you detach, the DOS console does not disappear. When I did
> a reattach in older versions from another DOS box, then the session
> became active again in the previous box instead of in the current box.
> Oh, and it does not seem to work in an xterm. Pity...
> Regards,
> Jurgen
> Brian McGroarty <>
> Sent by:
> 02/06/2003 05:45 PM
>         To:
>         cc:     (bcc: Jurgen Defurne/BRG/CE/PHILIPS)
>         Subject:        GNU Screen
>         Classification:
> I'm currently unable to build GNU Screen properly.
> Looking back through archives, I see that a few users have built it
> with varying degrees of success -- none are able to use nonstandard
> terminal sizes, and some say they cannot successfully reattach to a
> session.
> Before I dig into this, is anybody else successfully using screen, or
> is anybody already working at a port?
> Brian McGroarty

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