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Re: logis as root?

* Salvo (03-02-04 23:32 +0100)
> I know that the nice cygwin isn't Unix, but there is a manner to be
> "root"?
> I use it in Windows XP as administrator with name "salvo", but if I run
> "xdm" cygwin says: 
> "$ xdm
> Only root wants to run xdm"
> Is I type "su" it says:
> "$ su
> su: user root does not exist"

alias su='ssh -l root localhost'

> If login as Administrator I get:
> "$ login Administrator
> Password: ********
> Fanfare!!!
> You are successfully logged in to this server!!!
> login: no shell: /bin/bash: Permission denied"

less /usr/doc/Cygwin/login.README
> How can I do?

This depends on how xdm checks your "root-ishness". If it checks your 
UID is '0', you're out of luck.

I once tried to install NcFTPD, but wasn't able, because the Admin 
account has a UID of '500'. Manually editing /etc/passwd and changing 
the UID didn't help (don't remember the error message).

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