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Re: Setup hangs repetedly

Pavel Tsekov wrote:
Now this is a hell of a bugreport... Would you care to be more specific ? What choices do you make on the various pages of the setup wizard.
* First, either Install from Internet or Install from Local Directory.
* Then I specify the root directory (same as I used to have when it worked), Install For All Users, Default Text File Type: Unix.
* At "Select You Internet Connection" I choose Direct Connection. I usually download from, but I have tried a couple of other servers too.
* At "Select Packages", I leave everythnig as Default, except the Devel category, the Publishing category and Graphics/OpenGL, where I choose Install.

What does it mean "hang" for you ? Is it that the setup application just sits and waits for a very long time without progressing at all
Exactly. It is not unresponsive though. I can still cancel it gracefully, but it doesn't do anything. I have left it on for an hour after it seems to hang, just to confirm that it isn't just progressing slowly.

I did scan my hard drives (as suggested by L Anderson) with Norton Disk Doctor a couple of days ago, but I'm doing it again now. I'll post again if that fixes the problem.

/ Martin

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