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Rev: Problem with emacs: crontabs aren't getting installed

Jon LaBadie writes:

On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 09:07:16PM +0000, trevin wrote:
I've recently installed Cygwin on a Windows 2000 Pro machine. Installation was done under a user account. I tried to install a cron job by running:
EDITOR=emacs crontab -e
After reading through the mailing lists on a similar problem, I remembered to set the variable 'make-backup-files' to nil, and verified that the inum for the temporary file remained unchanged after saving the file. However, when I exit out of emacs, nothing happens. It returns to the bash prompt with no messages. According to crontab -l, the table was not installed.
Any other ideas what could be wrong?
crontab (on unicies anyway) won't install if the editor exits with a
non-zero status. Some old vi's used to reflect any error you made
during editing in a non-zero exit status.
You might try to making your EDITOR a shell script "fakeemacs" that contains:
/path/to/real/emacs $*
echo $rc > /tmp/real_emacs_exit_status
exit $rc
If this shows in the real_emacs_exit_status file a non-zero value,
that may be your culprit. Confirm it by changing the last line to exit 0.
Just to let everybody know, the above suggestion helped me find the real culprit: emacs. emacs was not even exiting properly at all; the /tmp/real_emacs_exit_status file never got written out. Also, the /tmp/crontab.* files were never cleaned up. It appears that emacs *kills* its parent when you exit.
So I downloaded and used the nano editor instead, and it works. It's not crontab's fault; it's a bug in emacs.
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