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Re: newer bintuils

--- Alan Hourihane <> wrote:
> "Nicholas Wourms"  wrote in message
> >
> > --- Alan Hourihane wrote:
> > > "Alan Hourihane" wrote in message
> > > amnb7e$7k5$">news:amnb7e$7k5$
> > > > Anyone know when the new binutils will be out with Egor's
> > > > fixes for auto-import of arrays ?
> > >
> > > Anyone know the expected ETA for this ?
> >
> > No, because Egor's application for copyright assignment is
> currently
> > stuck in the Russian Postal System.  We could be in for a long
> > wait...
> >
> > > I think we need a new cygwin dll for this too first though -
> don't
> > > we?
> >
> > Yes, you are correct.  However there are currently some pthread
> > issues which are being resolved before this happens.  Anyhow, as
> > previously mentioned, we are probably in for a long wait.
> That's unfortunate, because we won't be able to make shared libXt,
> libXmu
> and libXaw for Cygwin/XFree86 until we do get them. (Unless some
> serious
> hacking around the arrays goes on, not something I relish doing).
> Guess we'll have to wait. sigh.

Yeah it is a pity, but I think it'll be worth the wait.  Besides,
cygserver might be stable enough by then that we could turn on
MIT-SHM =).  Oh well, I guess we'll see.  I suppose once the new
kernel is released, you could get Egor to send you a set of
"unofficial" binutils to build the new X11?  Oh well, I'll leave that
in your capable hands :-).


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