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Pb connecting to cygwin

I have installed cygwin without problem (I'm under W2000).
My Window user's account (Administrator's one) is Stéphane (from french, so
with accent => :( on the cygwin shell ).

I have installed cygwin to try Postgresql.

I have installed postgresql without problem.
But since I have ended this installation, creating a new  user postgres, and
reboot on my own account "Stéphane" ,
I have a prompt :
" I have no name !@machine ~"

The only thing I've done between is to download on another directory , using
cygwin setup the source from your web
site to be abble to install again on my notebook (which run under W2000

In the same way I can't start the service postmaster (of Postgresql I
imagine). the shell command
(I have made the cygrunsrv command with the user postgres before) :
    "net start postmaster " give me back a system error 1069 (fail in
opening an session).

But , I can launch postgresql by opening a postgresql server session with
"/usr/bin/postmaster -D /usr/share/postgresql/data"

And opening another session with the classic postgresql "psql -U postgres

I don't know if all this way of proceeding is classic or if something's
going wrong.

Thanks for help,

Stéphane Valcauda
independent engineer

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