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Re: Moving cygwin discussions to Usenet? (e.g., alt.os.cygwin)

At 10:48 AM 9/30/2002 -0700, Eduardo Chappa wrote:

Finally, one of the advantages about a separate newsgroup is that people
would feel more confortable asking a question. The cygwin mailing list
tries very hard to have people not to ask questions (search the FAQs
first, look for a better mailing list, etc). Even though I agree with this
type of policy from an administrative point of view, I consider it to be a
bad policy for cygwin users (the ones that run the stuff that some of you
create), since real people are having a need for an answer and maybe
directing a question like that towards the newsgroup would take some of
the pressure off in sending the question to the list and getting a mean
answer back (I got one for my first question, even though I did look at
the archives and couldn't find anything).
A group that does all the work to answer anyone's question, no matter how obvious the answer or easy to find it is elsewhere, no matter that it is the hundredth time it has been asked that week? Yes, that sounds like a wonderful thing...for the people who are asking the questions. But who's going to do all that work? Where you are going to find these angels who want to spend their free time explaining "What's bash" over and over and over to people who are too lazy to even try Google?

On the other hand, if you are volunteering to *be* such a person, I'm sure nobody here would try to stop you.

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