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Re: Help with Cygwin SSH

The command below is forwarding only the command channel for ftp.  The
fact that you were able to login indicates that the tunnel is operating

Successfully tunnelling normal FTP is difficult and normally requires
that you can configure either your client or your server so that you can
predict which ports will be used for the data connection.  There are
plenty of references about how to do this on the internet, and it is
definitely off-topic for this list.

Better yet, just use sftp.


Steve Landry wrote:
> I'm new to cygwin but not to Linux, and I'm new to your list. I'm hoping
> someone can help me figuring why port forwarding is not working properly
> for me. Here's the SSH command:
> ssh -l myID -L 1234:localhost:21
> I connect and login, NP. When I try to ftp from a windows FTP program
> (notably dreamweaver) I connect, I can see the remote directory
> displayed but not files or subdirectories. I also get an error about the
> remote system time being inaccessible.
> When I try this same procedure with SecureCRT (the app supported at my
> job), everything works fine. Cygwin SSH does work fine for regular SSH
> login. I can get into my *nix accounts from BASH. Just the forwarding
> seem flaky.
> Thanks in advance,
> Steve Landry
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