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[Proposal] Moving user mount information to HKLM

This is in reply to Christopher Faylor's message I hope it will show up
correctly in the mail list.

> ..  I expect that, as time progresses, there will be more checks to
> ensure that doesn't happen.  1.3.13 has new checks for this, in fact.

This makes sense only if RH views Cygwin as an Microsoft Windows OS UNIX
extension and not as a standalone UNIX emulator or VM running on top of
> You don't install two versions of linux on your system and expect them to>
interoperate at the same time.  Ditto, cygwin.It is like comparing apples
with oranges. I have not seen yet Linux running directly on top of a win32
host, nontheless cygwin running naked without a win32 host.  Everybody who
read the code knows that a debug cygwin1.dll or regular one built for a
different shared memory and registry can coexist with other versions.
What's wrong in having the latest 'stable' version of Cygwin and also
experimenting with the latest net release installed on the same computer.
One can use the stable one and switch to the most recent one when percieved
as stable.  Or get back to the version on which things where working fine.
It is all about freedom.  Why to deliberately restrict this? Please let me
know if there are any technical issues I am not aware of.Thank you,Doru

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