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Re: ncftp 3.1.4 bookmark save problem

On Sat, 28 Sep 2002, Dino Morelli wrote:

> I just got the nearly complete cygwin setup this week (minus XFree86) and
> have noticed that ncftp is having a problem saving bookmarks.
> My $HOME is /cygdrive/c/Document and Settings/stimpleton
> (yes, with spaces, God damn Windows to hell)
> It's not making a $HOME/.ncftp directory and fails even if I make one for
> it and do 'chmod 666 $HOME/.ncftp'
> The error message I get is "Sorry, configuration information is not saved
> for this user."
> I also tried to set $NCFTPDIR to something non-spacey like /cygdrive/c and
> it still fails to create bookmark info at that location. (as per the man
> page on environment variables that ncftp is supposed to use)
> I'm running under Windows XP Pro SP1

Hmm, Windows usually names that directory "Documents and Settings" (notice
the "s").  Just making sure you're using the right one (which you should
be, since you can create a $HOME/.ncftp), so just covering the bases here.

What is your $CYGWIN setting?  Are you running ncftp from a bash shell, or
from a shortcut?  If the latter, is your $CYGWIN set in .bashrc or
similar, or is it set in the Windows environment?

ncftp seems to extract the value of $HOME from /etc/passwd, rather than
from the current value of $HOME...  What is your home directory set to in

Hope this helps...

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