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RE: xrvt clipboard access


Put this line in your "$HOME/.inputrc" file:

"\M-[2~": paste-from-clipboard # Insert

The escape sequence generated by the "Insert" key happens to be the same for both the console and RXVT.

Note that readline's "past-from-clipboard" stops before the first newline in the clipboard.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 23:58 2002-09-26, Thomas Mellman wrote:
> How you access it will depend upon how your mouse is set up.
> For example, using a three-button mouse, I'm able to paste
> the contents of the Windows clipboard to rxvt by clicking
> on the middle mouse button.

That's good for some pasting jobs. Under Linux, I also have a function key defined
to paste so I don't have to go reaching for the mouse. I haven't figured out how to
do that with cygwin yet, though.

But, it might be useful to mention in this context that you can also access /dev/clipboard.

for example:

$ note < /dev/clipboard

(note: note is my script)

Thomas Mellman

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