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Cygwin: name of an lwp-request script (HEAD) clashes with /bin/head


When installing LWP through CPAN, the installation creates the GET, HEAD
and POST scripts in /usr/bin.  On Cygwin, the name HEAD clashes with an
existing program, /bin/head.exe (Cygwin assumes a ".exe" extension if it
cannot find a program, so /bin/head normally invokes /bin/head.exe).
Windows mostly disallows files with the same name in different cases,
unlike Unix, which has no trouble distinguishing between HEAD and head.
So, to accommodate the users of Cygwin and others using case-insensitive
filesystems, can the scripts GET, HEAD, and POST be renamed to,, and  Would this break a lot of existing functionality?
Thank you.
	Igor Pechtchanski
P.S. I've cc'd the cygwin mailing list, as this is relevant to Cygwin.
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