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Re: cvs executes illegal instructions


When a 'cvs commit' is invoked without the -m option, an editor is started
to create the message.  Which editor is started is determined (in order of
priority) by the -e flag, the CVSEDITOR environment variable, the VISUAL
environment variable, and the EDITOR environment variable.  Please check
what the values of these varaibles are (if they are set).  In case none of
these variables are set, cvs invokes the system default editor (i.e.
'vi').  Please see whether you have a non-cygwin vi in your path (by
running 'which vi' or 'bash -c "type -a vi"').

On Wed, 18 Sep 2002, Steve Kelem wrote:

> I'm running cvs 1.11 on Windows 2000, and the latest cygwin inside tcsh
> 6.11.00.
> If I run "cvs commit" from tcsh, it runs a bit, and then brings up a popup:
> 16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem
> The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.
> CS:00cf IP:0514 OP:ff ff 00 00 98 Choose 'Close' to terminate the
> application.
> If I click on "Ignore", I get two more popups (clicking on "Ignore" each
> time),
> then I get the message:
> Log message unchanged or not specified
> a)bort, c)ontinue, e)dit, !)reuse this message unchanged for remaining dirs
> Action: (continue)
> So, cvs appears not to like not having a message specified ("-m" flag),
> but it's a rather rude way of telling me.
> Steve Kelem

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