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[Proposal] Moving user mount information to HKLM


The mount -u command fails if a domain user's registry hive is not
downloaded from the domain controller and no local hive cache exists.


Change cygwin1.dll/mount to
1. store mount information under HKLM/CYGWIN/MOUNTS/{USER-SID}, or
2. let mount succeed without persisting the mount info, by updating the
in-memory data structures and maybe issuing a warning about the missing user

I can submit patches for either solutions if needed. Solution 1 is more
intrusive since it changes the way existing user mounts are stored.
As an aside, this seems to be the solution used by SFU30 to store user
specific mounts/other info.

3. Mounting all mounts as system is not an option since there's a limit of
the amount of mounts.


We set up a Windows compile server for 20-30 developers logging in with
their domain user credentials via ssh with password. Since no domain user
has ever interactively logged in, no registry hive exists for the
authenticated user, and the mount code in cygwin1.dll will return an error
when trying to mount a user partition.
We're only interested in a temporary mount of /home/$USER for the duration
of the login session, and would appreciate being able to do so.

Our current workaround involves symlinks, but this creates problems since
`pwd` != /bin/pwd:

dan~>ssh server_without_my_hive
# /etc/profile runs "net use H: ...."
# and creates a link /home/dan.lnk -> /cygdrive/h
dan~> pwd
dan~> /bin/pwd

We've had to modify lots of scripts to work around this issue, and it would
certainly be nice not to have to.


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