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Re: rxvt color/redraw problems?


I can confirm redraw funkiness on Windows 2000 Pro SP3.

I'm seeing window frame redraws offset several hundred pixels from the proper location. I routinely make my windows as high as the terminal, and the displaced frame was drawn with only a horizontal offset from the proper location. The body of the window, including new contents were drawn in the correct place, however when uncovering the window via ALT-Tab switching the redraw of the newly re-exposed areas of the window occurred in the offset location. However, if I minimize the window in front and expose RXVT's window that way, it redraws correctly.

I'm sure if I kept playing around I could find more fascinating symptoms, but I'm losing interest. I didn't try any resizing, for example. Color "ls" output seemed OK, but I use it so rarely I probably wouldn't notice if there was something wrong unless it was gross...or grotesque.

Given the behavior I'm seeing, I probably couldn't use RXVT. I only installed the update to confirm some of the symptoms reported here, since I rarely use RXVT.

This is the invocation of RXVT I use (from a shortcut in my QuickLaunch bar):

D:\cygwin\bin\rxvt.exe -g 110x89+485+-1
-bg #dddddd -fg #000000
-fn "Lucida ConsoleP-11"
-sr -sl 5000 -tn rxvt -vb
-e /bin/bash --login -i

If the maintainer or anyone attempting to debug this symptom would like any specific tests run, just let me know.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 08:02 2002-09-24, Deragon, Hans wrote:

  I downloaded the latest rxvt version and I can confirm that the cut&paste
problem has been fixed on WinNT, as mentionned in a previous email from
Steve.  Thanks Steve.

  However, I noticed that with the new rxvt, when I am running vim under it,
I get color problems after using it for a while.  The rxvt background
suddenly becomes all white.  It is easly reproducable by resizing rxvt while
vim is running; just play a bit with it (have a file loaded).  Also, the
scroll bar of the rxvt does not redraw properly.  And once, after playing
with the rxvt like I describe, the whole WinNT environment went crazy.
Windows would not redraw other applications properly; I had to reboot.
After rebooting, I tried again the resizing issue and its still goes on,
thus I suspect that the problem lies with rxvt.

  I run vim with blue background and white foreground.  My rxvt normal
background is black.


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