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Re: rxvt color/redraw problems?

> The rxvt background suddenly becomes all white.  It is easly 
> reproducable by resizing rxvt while vim is running;

I'm having some trouble reproducing this on Win2K.  I can get some 
amazing behavior resizing a less though.  There's only one section 
of code that could be causing this.  

Who would of thought that ClearType would cause so much trouble?

> mutt in rxvt doesn't seem to have the right colours either.

I get the same thing, but when I login to my ISP it looks ok. 
Turns out to be the configuration in /etc/Muttrc.  Try:

cat >> /etc/Muttrc
color hdrdefault red default
color quoted brightblue default
color signature red default
color indicator brightyellow red
color error brightred default
color status yellow blue
color tree magenta default      # the thread tree in the index menu
color tilde magenta default
color message brightcyan default
color markers brightcyan default
color attachment brightmagenta default
color search default green      # how to hilite search patterns in the pager
color header brightred default ^(From|Subject):
color body magenta default "(ftp|http)://[^ ]+" # point out URLs
color body magenta default [-a-z_0-9.]+@[-a-z_0-9.]+    # e-mail addresses
color underline brightgreen default
mono quoted bold


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