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How to get GnuPG and EGD to work together under Cygwin?

Has anyone managed to get GnuPG and EGD (the Entropy Gathering Daemon -- to work together under Cygwin?

On W2K, using GnuPG 1.07 that comes with Cygwin 1.3.12-2, I cannot get
GnuPG to read entropy from the UNIX domain socket created by EGD.  I run
EGD as follows: --nofork --debug-client ~/.gnupg/entropy

This causes it not to fork a daemon and to display client entropy
requests to STDERR.  I verify that the socket ~/.gnupg/entropy is
created by EGD, but EGD never reports any clients fetching entropy, even
though I use GnuPG to encrypt messages.

I have this line in my ~/.gnupg/options file:

	load-extension rndegd

as suggested by the EGD documentation.  I know that GnuPG is reading my
~/.gnupg/options file, because other options I put there (e.g., "armor")
take effect.

I get no errors from GnuPG, yet it seems to use some other source of
entropy (rather than EGD).  I'm worried that GnuPG is using a poor
quality PRNG for entropy.  I'd rather have it use EGD-gathered entropy.

Any help is appreciated.
Francis Litterio
PGP public keys available on keyservers.

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