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Re: Promoting rxvt (non-X11)

On 23 Sep, John Vincent wrote:
>  I hope this is helpful. 

Sure is, thanks!  Though I just discovered that setting -backspacekey
to either ^? *or* ^H works equally well.  I don't understand that!

BTW, does anyone else have the problem that Shift-PgUp will only page
back once, then you have to use the mouse.  This is not just a
key-repeat issue - even if you hit the key several times, it only works
for the first page.

And Shift-PgDn does nothing at all, ever.

I assume that when rxvt starts up it always reads the .Xresources file? 
The info isn't cached anywhere?  (I did have mappings for Prior and
Next, but got rid of them.)

Um, I just noticed that I also had a mapping for Delete, and if I do a
cat -tvu I can see that it appears to have affected rxvt (as you'd
expect), and that it does seem to be cached.  Even across reboots?
Basically, the Del key always sends the sequence Esc [ 3 ~

The reboot means that Backspace in cat -tvu now no longer appears, so
it did make some difference.

Not that this seems to be causing me any problems, it's just curious.


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