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Setup-uninstall problems

I was trying to use setup to uninstall some Cygwin components,
because the machine was running out of space.

So I ran setup, intending to uninstall the TeX components.  I
expanded the tree view, and in each of the categories in which the
TeX bits and pieces appeared (3 places), I selected Uninstall.  In
those categories, for the non-TeX packages that I wanted to keep,
I changed the setting to either Keep or Skip (depending on what
options were available).

I noticed that none of the individual TeX packages show Uninstall
as an option - with Uninstall selected for the parent category,
the options were Skip plus various package version number.  In
which case, I took a guess as to what setup probably wanted, and
selected the latest version.

For the other categories, I left it at Default.

I couldn't complete the operation, however: setup insisted on
downloading everything, as far as I could see -- including the
packages I wanted to uninstall!  This was impossible, since there
was only a little over 100Mb free on the partition.  So the
uninstall failed because it ran out of space downloading packages.

However, it was worse than that.  Afterwards, I discovered that
certain parts of the Cygwin installation had been removed.  E.g.
many X11 components (like xauth, xev, xprop) were missing, and gcc
was gone.

Certainly, the uninstall process doesn't seem very intuitive.
I had to guess about what it would do in several places, as
described above.  And having to download fresh copies of the
programs you're trying to uninstall seems quite bizarre!

Did I do something wrong, or is there a bug in setup?  I used a
fresh setup.exe that I downloaded on Sept 21st.

I've copied the contents of /usr/X11R6/bin back from another machine,
but any other damage is still there.


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