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Re: How to install packages...

Soren A wrote:
> Robert Collins <> wrote in
> 1032604599.10933.113.camel@lifelesswks:">news:1032604599.10933.113.camel@lifelesswks:
> > Secondly, if at all possible, submit a change against the website CVS.
> A second follow-up.
> Robert (and anyone), the "if at all possible" definitely looks not-good. I
> cannot figure out where in the redhat cvs repos is the Cygwin website.

> I see a module Listing with modules like "naked-gas" (<lol>) or "winsup"
> but nothing that looks like it would be htdocs. Also, even if I *find* it,
> does the way cvs works mean I'd have to checkout the entire cygwin site
> module to my hd?

You could just checkout index.html.

> I have very limited disk space available at the present
> time. Any cvs co much over 50MB would overflow my available space or render
> my system unusable.

Ouch. Harddisc shopping time?

> There's no such thing in cvs as getting only "part of"
> a module, is there?

Yes, you can get any subdir or single files, or any dir without its subdirs

> And also is there any cvs command for simply listing
> which modules are available on a server (I am using the Web interface to
> browse the modules right now)

cvs co -c

> or what files are in a certain specific
> module?

Not that I know of. Anyone else know this?


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