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Re: How to install packages...

Robert Collins <> wrote in 

> Secondly, if at all possible, submit a change against the website CVS.

A second follow-up.

Robert (and anyone), the "if at all possible" definitely looks not-good. I 
cannot figure out where in the redhat cvs repos is the Cygwin website.

I see a module Listing with modules like "naked-gas" (<lol>) or "winsup" 
but nothing that looks like it would be htdocs. Also, even if I *find* it, 
does the way cvs works mean I'd have to checkout the entire cygwin site 
module to my hd? I have very limited disk space available at the present 
time. Any cvs co much over 50MB would overflow my available space or render 
my system unusable. There's no such thing in cvs as getting only "part of" 
a module, is there? And also is there any cvs command for simply listing 
which modules are available on a server (I am using the Web interface to 
browse the modules right now) or what files are in a certain specific 
module? I tried a few days ago to figure this (these two questions) out for 
another project (accessing the cvs sources for Allegro) and could not.

     Soren A

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