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Re: df --local

On Sat, 21 Sep 2002 12:46:13 -0400 (EDT) Igor Pechtchanski <> wrote:

> On Sat, 21 Sep 2002, egor duda wrote:
> > Friday, 20 September, 2002 Rob Brown wrote:
> >
> > RB> OK, that will *mostly* work except for the cdrom drive issue.
> >
> > The proper way is to convert path to win32 form and then use
> > GetDriveType() and GetVolumeInformation() APIs.
> This is related to the question I asked on the cygwin-developers list (
> ).  Maybe
> people can discuss it here...
> Basically, Cygwin's getmntent() returns either "user" or "system" as the
> fstype, whereas on other systems (Linux, etc) the fstype is the type of
> the filesystem (cdrom, nfs, local, etc).  I was proposing a change to make
> the user/system distinction part of mnt_opts, and set the type field to
> whatever's returned by GetVolumeInformation().  This method is called in
> anyway, to distinguish Samba filesystems...

It sounds like a good idea to me.  I found the current values being used in
a few places.

   Just passing the value through.

   Extracting the value from a string.
   I'm not sure where the string is created, possibly

   Converts bits in flags to string ("user" or "system").

   Prints whatever it finds in mnt->mnt_type.

   Uses current values of mnt_type several places.

   Converts m->issys to string ("user" or "system").

   Tests p->mnt_type for current values.

It looks like the main confusion would come from people parsing the output
from cygcheck or mount and expecting the current values of "user" or

Mac :})
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