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Re: How to install packages...

On Sat, 2002-09-21 at 12:05, Bruce Alderson wrote:
> > Your suggestion came out fine.  It has just been suggested hundreds of
> > times in the past.
> Ah, I've been lurking on the list for ages - but not noticed the
> request.  Apologies.
> Anyway, would it be worth submitting a patch for the functionality, or
> is the dev rather closed?

The dev is quite open, and patches are welcome. You should review for development info.

There are a couple of outstanding patches that I have in my queue, I'd
suggest that you hold off a week or so so that I can flush them first,
as they impact on the same functionality.

There is a library GetOpt++ that is used for grabbing command line
options. A semi-trivial use is to overload the non option elements and
insert them into a vector.

I've been meaning to add something like this into the library by
default, but have been seriously time constrained for a while now.


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