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Re: New versions of setup.ini

On Fri, 20 Sep 2002 wrote:

> Is the document setup.ini now being dynamically updated? Over the last
> couple of days I have detected differences between successive versions that
> are restricted exclusively to the timestamp (as in
> diff setup.ini.curr setup.ini.prev
> 5c5
> < setup-timestamp: 1032515481
> ---
> > setup-timestamp: 1032449415
> for example). Previously the document seemed (to me: maybe I've been missing
> something) to be re-issued only when there was a change to the provision.
> Fergus

Hmm, is it possible that someone made a change but then retracted it?
This would result in an identical file with a different timestamp...
These timestamps have about 18 hours between them - a lot could happen.
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