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Shed light on Tetex packages

Hello Tetex maintainer,

looking at the currently available Tetex packages I wonder whether it is really good to follow the "install everything" method, since they seem to be not disjuctive. Reading the announcement in I seem to have following options:

Install either
- tetex-bin, tetex-base and libkpathsea3
- tetex-tiny

You might also install optionally:
- tetex-doc
- tetex-extra
- tetex-devel
- tetex-x11

And you have an install helper:
- tetex

Additionally there are "upgrade helpers":
- texmf-*
- tetex-beta

I did not found any doc, readme or FAQ that explains exactly the dependency of all these packages. Looking at the behaviour of setup the dependecies become clearer, but not anything is obvious. For a new installation of Cygwin I assume that 
- none of the texmf-* or the tetex-beta packages should be chosen
- either tetex-base or tetex-tiny should be chosen, tetex-bin and libkpathsea3 are selected automatically
- tetex-extra is only optional if tetex-base was chosen
- tetex-x11 is only optional if tetex-tiny was chosen
- tetex-doc and tetex-devel are optional independent of the "basic" choice
- whats package "tetex" for? It seems again incompatible with the tetex-base choice.

It is not clear, what happens if I "accidently" activate tetex-base *and* tetex-tiny. Even worse, it seems that uninstalling tetex-tiny will destroy also tetex-base and vice versa.

It would be fine if one could read at least in the FAQ about the possible choices and its consequences.


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