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Attempting "Emacs this file"

Hi all,

I'm trying to get this little Windows Explorer
right-click menu add-on to work and having problems. 
I want to be able to right click on a file and have
emacs open it in an rxvt.  It almost works...the menu
item appears, the rxvt opens, emacs runs...but the
object file %1 doesn't get sucked in.

Here's my attempt:

  Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


  @="F:\\Unix\\cygwin\\bin\\rxvt.exe -g 100x40+50+50
-ls -sr -sb -sl 1000 -fg Black -bg LightSteelBlue -fn
'Courier New' -e /usr/bin/bash --login -c emacs

I did a lot of searching about this an saw discussions
which involved "gnuclientw" as a solution.

@="Edit with &Gnu Emacs"

@="F:\\Unix\\cygwin\\bin\\gnuclientw.exe -F -q \"%1\""

I found that on the web and played with it...but it
seems to rely on another program called "runemacs.exe"
which I couldnt locate.  This seems to be an NTEmacs
program and not a Cygwin Gnuemacs program.  

Im confused.  I see lots of posts about NTEmacs,
NTEmacs = Gnuemacs, Xemacs...  but, what is the actual
Emacs in the Cygwin distribution?  Just Gnuemacs,

Well, I'm betting that there's an easy answer and that
someone, who has used cygwin longer than I, can
enlighten me.


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