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Re: Migrating users from NT to Cygwin?

Craig Emery wrote:
> Dear All,
> after installing cygwin all the NT users that existed before running setup.exe
have been migrated into my /etc/passwd file and I
> can run bash --login as them.
> I wish for an NT user that I've since created to have the same ability.
> How do I migrate this newly created NT user over to cygwin / /etc/passwd?

$ mkpasswd --help
Usage: mkpasswd [OPTION]... [domain]

This program prints a /etc/passwd file to stdout

   -l,--local              print local user accounts
   -d,--domain             print domain accounts (from current domain
                           if no domain specified)
   -o,--id-offset offset   change the default offset (10000) added to uids
                           in domain accounts.
   -g,--local-groups       print local group information too
                           if no domain specified
   -m,--no-mount           don't use mount points for home dir
   -s,--no-sids            don't print SIDs in GCOS field
                           (this affects ntsec)
   -p,--path-to-home path  use specified path instead of user account home dir
   -u,--username username  only return information for the specified user
   -h,--help               displays this message
   -v,--version            version information and exit

One of `-l', `-d' or `-g' must be given on NT/W2K.

Most common usage is: $ mkpasswd -l > /etc/passwd


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