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Re: rxvt doesn't paste selections anymore?

Found the same problem.  On both of my machines, rxvt 2.7.2 is running.
Yet, the one with the latest version of cygwin is broken, as you described.
Pretty anoying since this cut&paste function is the #1 kill feature of rxvt.
I might revert to the DOS window to be able to perform cut&paste.

I also have another new problem with rxvt.  Following is the path in the
shortcut I use to start rxvt:

U:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe --login ~/bin/x50

This x50 script calls rxvt with numerous options.  A dos window does show up
when called, followed by rxvt.  On my machine with the old cygwin, the dos
window dissapear quickly (rxvt is called with & at the end to run in the
background, thus the dos window exits after rxvt is started).  On the new
Cygwin, the dos window persist; I must kill it manually.  Killing it does
not kill the rxvt though, as it runs in the background.  Same
settings/scripts on both machines, but different behaviors.

Hans Deragon

-----Original Message-----
From: Thomas Mellman []
Sent: Friday, September 13, 2002 4:58 AM
Subject: Re: rxvt doesn't paste selections anymore?

Okay, I just discovered something more about this problem.

I have an older version of CYGWIN running on another
machine, and it does not exhibit this behaviour.

BUT, when I execute the version of rxvt.exe (over the net)
from that machine under my up-to-date cygwin, the same
problem with pasting exists.  So, it seems the problem is
not in rxvt itself... could there be a problem with the DLL

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