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RE: Setup Hangs during "Install from Local Directory"

Well, since no-one seems to be able to help me, let me provide a bit more information.  This problem seems to occur when the setup program tries to access a file for writing for which it does not have permission.  I am not sure if it is related, but I have seen similar behaviour when trying to port a Un*x program (leafnode) although I am trying to sort out my Cygwin installation before progressing further and that may be unrelated.  I am wondering however if I have stumbled onto a known bug in the file access in Cygwin?

> -----Original Message-----
> From: John Carlyle- Clarke 
> Sent: 17 September 2002 12:11
> To:
> Subject: Setup Hangs during "Install from Local Directory"
> Hi list--
> As the title says, while running setup and selecting "Install 
> from Local Directory", the installation gets so far and then 
> will hang up.  The program appears responsive (in that you 
> can move the window, it repaints, and responds to cancel) but 
> the install progress stops.  The task manager shows high CPU 
> usage and constantly increasing memory usage (at least 
> 90Megs) which eventually will eat all available memory.

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