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Re: Open bash at the current explorer directory?

I don't know how to do it without using .bashrc, but this works for me (current cygwin, NT 4.0)

Registry key contains:

D:\cygwin\bin\rxvt.exe -sb -sr -sl 16384 -fn fixedsys -fg gray -bg black -e /bin/env CFH="%1" /bin/bash --login

.bashrc contains

if [ "$CFH" != "" ] ; then
cd "$CFH"
unset CFH

No temporary files, bash.exe or .bash_profile is not executed twice. Also looks like cygpath -u is not needed, DOS paths seem to work in cd command.


* John Daniel Doucette <> [13-09-02 15:23]:
> I am using Win2000 Pro, SP3. Is there a way to invoke an interactive bash
> shell at a particular directory, without using a .bashrc or similar file?
> I.e. on the command lie alone? The --login and -c options appear to be
> mutually exclusive. I would like to be able browse quickly to a directory
> with explorer, option/right click on the directory, then select a custom
> "open with cygwin" option, and have the bash shell open at that
> directory. Has anyone tried this?

Read this from the archive.


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